About the Silver Breeze Villa
A Luxurious Retreat
At a glance
Timeless elegance and effortless chic

Nestled in the prime locale of Tourlos, Mykonos, a masterpiece villa perches on a picturesque hillside, exuding an aura of timeless elegance and effortless chic. This is Villa Silver Breeze, a luxurious retreat spread over 4.5 acres of pristine Mykonian landscape. The villa, primely located, offers a stunning panoramic view of Mykonos Town, the port and the islands of Delos, Rhenia, Tinos, Syros, and Paros. This unforgettable tableau captivates and enchants, providing uninterrupted vistas of the Aegean Sea. Far from fleeting trends, Silver Breeze stands as a testament to a design ethos that embraces timelessness. The villa is not about being fashionable; it's about creating a space that'll never feel dated, a minimalist delight wrapped in the elements of the Aegean Sea. This approach is evident in every corner of this luxurious abode, a space that embodies the simplicity of a Greek summer while offering the modern comforts of a high-end residence.

The design team has interwoven Cycladic architectural elements into Silver Breeze's DNA, creating a tasteful mélange that stands as a homage to Mykonos' unique natural landscape. The villa's walls, painted in pristine white, are contrasted perfectly with warm natural tones, forming an intimate, luxurious Mykonian setting. The color palette resonates with the natural landscape, featuring hues of earth and sea, harmonizing the indoors with the outdoors, and forming an interconnected, organic living experience. Eight elegantly and spacious appointed en-suite bedrooms await at the heart of the villa, each a serene cocoon of tranquility. The contemporary bespoke pieces of furniture provide a touch of modern sophistication, perfectly complementing the timeless ambiance. The rooms are adorned with carefully selected objet d'art, each piece reflecting a keen artistic eye. Their timeless beauty enhances the villa's minimalist aesthetic, embodying the same relaxed elegance that defines Mykonos itself. Soft textures, organic linens, and sculptural shapes complete the scene, adding to the sense of serene luxury that pervades every corner of this extraordinary property.

a living room with a black table and white couches
Exceptional Aesthetics

Immersed in the heart of Mykonos, Silver Breeze Villa exudes elegance and charm, designed to comfortably host up to 16 guests within its eight masterfully crafted bedrooms. This grand haven presents an exceptional balance of private serenity and communal gathering spaces, boasting an expansive array of indoor and outdoor lounging areas. The villa provides a refined, fully-equipped kitchen and elegant en-suite bedrooms, ensuring an unparalleled level of convenience and comfort to guests. The crowning glory of the property is its awe-inspiring infinity pool, casting an unbroken mirror over the cerulean Aegean Sea. It's complemented by an outdoor fireplace for memorable, star-lit gatherings, a state-of-the-art indoor gym, and an outdoor guardroom, providing an additional layer of security.

a living room with a view of the ocean
Main Level

Upon entering the main level, guests are greeted by a spacious, contemporary living room, awash with natural light and panoramic sea views of the bustling harbor of Tourlos. The minimalist kitchen - an island of culinary delight - sits under a breathtaking skylight that paints a dance of sunlight across the room. This level also features a luxuriously appointed bedroom with an outsized dressing room and a spacious bathroom. The bedroom is accompanied by a gym and has its own private veranda with inspiring views. The outdoor living spaces on this level are a testament to the harmonious design, offering a plethora of lounges that seamlessly blend with the natural scenery and lush plantation. One could spend the day basking in the sun on king-sized sunbeds, taking refreshing dips in the infinity pool, or indulging in the pleasures of alfresco dining, all within the comforts of the villa.

a large bedroom with a large bed
Upper Level

The upper level unfolds further treasures, hosting a guestroom with an independent entrance, two additional bedrooms, a living room, a kitchenette, and a private stone veranda. Descending to the lower level reveals four uniquely designed bedrooms, each carrying its own distinctive ambiance and vibe, complemented by panoramic sea views and luxurious furnishings that heighten the sense of indulgence.

a building with a pool in front of it

The pièce de résistance of this magnificent villa is the eighth bedroom, residing independently on a separate level, almost caressing the sea's azure surface. Emerging from this suite leads to a circular lounge featuring an outdoor fireplace, positioned ideally for unbeatable views of the cruise ships navigating their way, leaving guests breathless with the undeniable sensation of luxurious island living.

In conclusion
Silver Breeze Villa promises a luxurious experience

As dusk settles, Silver Breeze truly comes to life. Relax on plush daybeds as you watch the silver moon rise in the cobalt sky and the sparkling lights of Mykonos Town painting a breathtaking scene that embodies the very essence of Greek elegance. Whether you're soaking in the azure beauty of the Aegean Sea or relishing the plush comforts of the villa, Silver Breeze promises a luxurious experience that's as timeless as it's captivating. Silver Breeze is more than just a luxurious place to stay; it's an experience where the magic of Mykonos is captured in every corner, creating a unique idyllic retreat.