Welcome to Silver Breeze Villa
An immersive 840 sq.m. retreat

Claiming the crown as Mykonos' most luxurious villa, Silver Breeze offers unparalleled opulence coupled with breathtaking vistas. The panorama unfolds across the mesmerizing port, the charming town of Mykonos, stretching towards the mystical island of Delos and culminating in the spectacle of divine sunsets - an unforgettable feast for the eyes.

Sprawling over 840 sq m, Villa Silver Breeze is an immersive retreat nestled on a hilltop just a mere 3-kilometre drive away from Mykonos Town.
Silver Breeze villa encapsulates Mykonos' vibrant energy, offering an unparalleled view that includes the sky, the sea, Mykonos Town, and its bustling port. The vista also reveals the mystical island of Delos and a unique collection of Cycladic islands laid out beneath the expansive sky.

Every detail of this villa is meticulously curated to ensure a harmonious flow within its elegant architecture. The design plan is oriented to celebrate these one-of-a-kind views, seamlessly blending the villa's luxury with the natural beauty of Mykonos. Every inch of this property is adorned with high-end furnishings, innovation and the finest designer objects. The ambience echoes refined aesthetics and unmatched luxury, creating an iconic retreat amid the stunning landscape. To achieve such grandeur, the design team behind Silver Breeze Villa integrated the craftsmanship and creativity of global artisans and designers.

The result is a testament to artistic collaboration and architectural finesse.